The Tree Hunt of 2015


I love love love love our annual tree hunt. I don't know why I document it every year, but I'm so glad I do. It's just so fun to see the kids grow from each post and think about what our family will look like the next year.

We loaded up after breakfast this morning and drove down to the Hernando location of Josh's dad's nursery. That was confusing. He has several locations, we went to the one closest to us- about 15 mins away. It almost started raining so we tried to pick out a tree quickly, but with two kids, that doesn't really happen.

We got the fullest tree I think we've ever gotten. This joker is FAT. But I love it. I'm adding links at the bottom to previous years. Be still my heart, I can't take how much they've grown.

 photo 2015treehunt-001.jpg photo 2015treehunt-002.jpg
They were elated to ride in the wagon.
 photo 2015treehunt-003.jpg photo 2015treehunt-004.jpg photo 2015treehunt-005.jpg photo 2015treehunt-006.jpg photo 2015treehunt-007.jpg photo 2015treehunt-008.jpg
Seriously, these two. All the heart eyes.
 photo 2015treehunt-010.jpg
 photo 2015treehunt-011.jpg
I'M DEAD. I love their little bond. I can't wait to see more siblings added in on this hug!

 photo 2015treehunt-012dbw.jpg
probably a little annoyed that I made him pull up every tree so I could THE perfect one:) Thankful he puts up with me!
 photo 2015treehunt-013.jpg
 photo 2015treehunt-014.jpg photo 2015treehunt-015.jpg
He's a total ham.
 photo 2015treehunt-016.jpg photo 2015treehunt-018.jpg photo 2015treehunt-019.jpg
seriously, it's so fat ha!
 photo 2015treehunt-021.jpg
my sweet, sweet girl.
 photo 2015treehunt-023.jpg photo 2015treehunt-025.jpg
Not sure why it looks like there is such a huge gap in the tree. There really isn't.
 photo 2015treehunt-026.jpg
We barely go that sucker up there. Canaan wasn't too happy we made him sit in the carseat while we did it.
 photo 2015treehunt-027.jpg

We got it home safely and it's waiting to be decorated tonight while we eat chex mix and watch Elf. LOVE THIS SEASON SO MUCH

and as promised.. years passed...

last year I CAN NOT even handle willow's tininess
two years ago
three years ago i honestly don't even remember C being a newborn! So thankful for this!


Adoption Update : TSHIRTS FOR SALE!

Well, here we go again! We are so so so sooooo close to having our adoption completely paid for! We thought we would end the fundraising with a bang and do one last tshirt sale!

 photo download-10.jpg (for reference on fit, I'm wearing all smalls)

For those of you who are new here, here's a quick timeline for our domestic adoption.

-started the adoption process in May of 2013
-home-study completed and on waiting list in Oct 2013
-learned we were pregnant Feb 2014 with Willow
-our agency put our adoption on hold in May 2014 so we could have bonding time with W
-W born in October of 2014
-our agency allows us to go back active in April 2015, but we waited on a Yes from the Lord.
-after much prayer on timing, paperwork, mandatory doctor visits, and our homestudy updated, we were officially put back on the waiting list in August 2015.
-we are now waiting for a birth mother to choose us!

Phew! That was a super brief update. If you'd like to read more in detail visit the tab at the top of my blog titled "our adoption journey".

 photo download-3.jpg

Okay, back to shirts!

If you'd like to purchase one, GO HERE!!!! Vnecks are $23. Baseball tees are $28. 

These shirts are for pre-order only. The DEADLINE FOR PURCHASE IS DECEMBER 4th at 12 noon. Once I order them,  it should take the shirts about a week and a half or so to arrive to me, then I will IMMEDIATELY mail them out to you!

It is very likely the shirts will arrive to you just in time for Christmas, should you buy one as a gift.

Each shirt is incredibly soft and fit true to size. The baseball tees are white shirts with black arms (they are grey in the photos above due to a mishap I made with my printer, if you would like it with grey sleeves instead, just let me know through email at katie.kubler@yahoo.com)

The white and gold "Seize the Day" shirt is NOT FOIL LETTERING! The gold font is not shiny but it does have flecks of gold in the font. So it does give off some glimmer. It is much more durable in the wash, unlike foil lettering which easily tarnishes.

 photo download-5.jpg

Shirts should not shrink much, if at all, in the wash.

Please help us spread the word and share this post! THANK YOU!!!!



Our Fall Family Photoshoot 2015

Before our photoshoot with the talented Nicole of 314 Productions, I managed to snap just a few of willow for her one year pics. How is she a year?? How is she so big, and so cute, and just the best little girl on the planet????

 photo kubler-010.jpg
 photo kubler-009.jpg
 photo kubler-015.jpg photo kubler-005.jpg photo kubler-013_1.jpg

goodness. those two.

okay, now on to the session. I tried my hardest to narrow down, but there were just SOOO many great ones. Nicole blew it out of the park. Seriously, I'm blown away. This girl is not only our photographer for life, she's also the sweetest friend. I can count on one hand the number of friends I have that I plan on keeping by my side until the Lord takes me home, and she's one of them for sure. We've walked the hard and joyful roads together, we've pointed one another to the Lord, we've prayed, we've dance, we've cried, we've squealed, we've cheered each other on. One word to describe her: Selfless.

Thank you sweet friend for taking these, for always be available in all things, and for loving my little family so well. You are a gem, and these photos are such a treasure!

 photo kublerfam-060.jpg
 photo kublerfam-022_headswap.jpg
 photo kublerfam-057.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30264.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30223.jpg
 photo kublerfam-066.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30158.jpg
 photo kublerfam-026.jpg
 photo kublerfam-058.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30549.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30520.jpg

 photo kublerfam-072.jpg
 photo kublerfam-064.jpg

 photo kublerfam-040.jpg
 photo kublerfam-033.jpg

 photo kublerfam-039.jpg
 photo kublerfam-061.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30394.jpg
 photo kublerfam-059.jpg


Kubler Vacation 2015: Day6: Chattanooga

We woke up our last morning in shock that we survived the night in the motel. We actually were going to stay one more night, but thought it would probably be in the best interest of our health and safety to head home one night early. We only had two more things left to do in Chattanooga anyways.
  photo IMG_0022.jpg photo IMG_9954.jpg

First up was a TRAIN RIDE!!! We did this last year, and C loved it. We knew he would even more this year, and we were right. We arrived a little early for him to explore. If you are ever in Chatty, you must visit the TN Valley Railroad Museum.  photo 2015fallvacation-138.jpg

 photo 2015fallvacation-137.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-139.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-141.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-142.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-144.jpg
 photo IMG_9974.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-145.jpg
 C was so serious the entire time we were on the train. He just kept staring at the brochure (which he called his ticket) and staring out the window. He was in shock ha!
 photo 2015fallvacation-146.jpg

 Meanwhile, Miss Willow loved crawling and climbing all over everything.  photo 2015fallvacation-148.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-149.jpg
 photo IMG_9980.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-150.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-151.jpg
 photo IMG_0006.jpg
 photo IMG_9992.jpg photo IMG_9996.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-152.jpg

 Watching the train turn around!
 photo 2015fallvacation-153.jpg
We got back on the train while everyone else was touring the train yard. C wasn't a fan of all the loud noises.  photo 2015fallvacation-154.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-155.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-156.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-157.jpg

MY GOSH I LOVE THIS ONE:  photo 2015fallvacation-158.jpg

 going through the tunnel! photo IMG_0009.jpg
 photo IMG_0015.jpg photo IMG_0016.jpg

 After the Railroad Museum, we headed to Rock City. When we were checking out of our motel Josh noticed Rock City tickets at the register. He asked the clerk if they were for sell and she said no, that he could just have them! So turns out hotel hell was maybe worth it! Haha.

We spent an hour or two just exploring rock city and eating lunch. It was stunning. C loved all the tunnels, caves, and bridges.

  photo IMG_0024.jpg

 photo 2015fallvacation-161.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-160.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-162.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-163.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-164.jpg
 photo IMG_0036.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-165.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-167.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-166.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-168.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-169.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-170.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-171.jpg

 photo 2015fallvacation-172.jpg
 photo IMG_0037.jpg photo 2015fallvacation-173.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-174.jpg
 photo IMG_0044.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-176.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-177.jpg

 My Camera did this weird thing to one of the photos but I kinda love it.  photo IMG_0046.jpg
 C in the caves:  photo 2015fallvacation-178.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-179.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-181.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-182.jpg

We headed home after Rock City. The babies passed out almost immediately and slept most of the way. We were all so glad we headed home a night early. It was so nice to have that Saturday to recoup. Josh and I said so many times how thankful we were for this trip and how well our kids did. They are amazing travelers and we don't take it for granted. Thank you Lord for that sweet time away!

  photo IMG_0054.jpg
 photo IMG_0058.jpg