Abe is 4 months!

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Oh man, 4 months. This little toot is four months old. How did we even get here? Time is truly starting to fly by and this mama is NOT okay with it. We go to the doctor on Thursday and I'm so curious as to how much he weighs. I'm guessing weighs around 14 pounds. He's completely grown out of 0-3 month clothing, but he is still in a size 1 diaper. (mainly because I still have so many left). He sleeps through the night 8-8am and naps 3 times a day - or 4 if you count a quick cat nap at night. This kid has become SUPER vocal and loves to scream at the top of his lungs. He also loves to giggle, roll over, find us in the room, talk to his siblings, and sleep in his dockatot. The dreaded 4mo sleep regression hit, but overall he did really well through it and is back on track. His play gym is still his absolute favorite toy, and he loves to grab at it.

I can't get over how quickly he is changing and looking so different. He's our dream boy and we love him SO much!


Abraham is 3 months!

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This little one is THREE months old!!!

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I can't believe he is three months old. This is the first month that truly just flew by! We spent a lot of time with family since my sister was home from AUS. This little man did so so well being of his normal routine. He is now sleeping 8pm to 8am. Glory Glory!!!! He is still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but will be out of those really soon and on to 3-6month. He is still nursing 4 times a day and takes a bottle once a day. He is also napping 3 times a day and takes one small cat nap in the evening. He has started to really giggle and babble to us. He also has found his fingers and will suck them often. He LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES his play gym. He still has his sweet blue eyes and the most adorable small. He's truly been a DREAM baby. We are so thankful he is ours!!


July Recap

July was full of fun, but it still seemed to go by a little slow to me, and that is not a complaint. I'm not ready for this little baby to grow up. He's changing so much and becoming more active. The kids are still so infatuated with him.

It's so hot outside, but we are stealing as many moments out there as we can when it feels cooler.
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little bathing beauties
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meeting grandaddy and his aunts!
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Our fourth of July was spent at home with my family. It was perfect.

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so thankful for this crew of mine!

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Check up's for A! He's growing so perfectly big and strong!
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One of my dear friends had a little girl this month, Wynn. She WILL BE my future daughter in law:)
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HOW is he 2 months??
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we went to our local mall to splash in the fountains. They begged me to get in. So, fully clothed, I joined them. And it was such a fun memory made!
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pink and lace with  my best girl!
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Sunday morning before church hangs
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C has realllllly started to love drawing. We can't believe how good he is at it too! I love watching him take on new challenges and new hobbies grow!
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first bottle, and it's all hands on deck!
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my sister, Lindsay, is in town from Australia! We've spent so much time with them this month. For my birthday, we girls went out for the night! So so so thankful for my sisters and mama!

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 babysitting a sweet little friend. The kids loved him! photo IMG_5092.jpg

Family picture for my birthday
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Every year ladies from my church all go to nashville together. I look forward to this quality time every year. So blessed to know and do life with these women! This year, Abe joined along!
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Cuddled up for bedtime stories!
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 Cousins and Cupcakes photo IMG_5184.jpg