Little A's Nursery Reveal

This little boy is so close to being here. SIXXXX weeks or less and I will be cuddling his face off. I can't believe how FAST this fourth pregnancy has gone by. It's crazy town. With just a few weeks left, I'm knocking off items on my to do list like a mad woman. Raise your hand if you agree drawing a line through an item on your list feels better than actually completely it hahaha.

One of the last things I've needed to get done was Abe's nursery. Thankfully, when I designed Willow's nursery two years ago, I kept in mind that it could quickly change to a boy's nursery if needed because of our active homestudy. I wanted it to be girly and fun, but only because of the details and not the "bones" of the room. If you get my drift. With just a few simple changes, her nursery quickly became Abe's.

Here is her nursery. I can't lie, I miss having one room in the house be full on girly. So, here's to hoping a little sister joins this crew one day and we can let her share a room with W!! HA:) (but really, Lord please)

Like I said, a few minor changes, and here's Abe's new dig:
(unless stated here, you can find the sources for everything on the post linked to willow's nursery)

 photo kidsrooms2017-023.jpg

 I have dreams of drawing a big mural on that chalkboard wall, but at almost 34 weeks pregnant, I just don't have it in me right now. I'm also hoping to get a new more colorful crib sheet soon.  photo kidsrooms2017-031.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-027.jpg photo kidsrooms2017-025.jpg

 I also have major dreams of redoing this dresser. I'm thinking white around the edges and re-staining the drawers to look like this. But you guessed it, it's not happening at 34 weeks. Plus, I think I want to wait until we move one day because I'm not sure where this piece might end up, and part of me wants to paint it a fun pop of yellow!

I took this image at my father in laws farm last summer and quickly fell in love with it. I loved the stance of the cows and how this little baby calf just stared me down. So precious. I knew I wanted to print it, but I haven't been able to find a home for it. Until now. I love it in Abe's nursery. When I went to print it, I freaked out because SOMEHOW all my images from that day are gone. Like can't find them anywhere. Thankfully, I had blogged them here (insert crying face emoji because my kids look so little). I knew blowing up an image from the internet would make this print really pixely, so I added a watercolor effect to the print to mask the pixels. It turned out perfect. I printed it at Kinkos as a colored engineer print, so it was pretty cheap! Not the best quality, but you can't tell until you get right up on it. The frame is IKEA.   photo kidsrooms2017-028.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-026.jpg

yeahhhhh, add "paint the outlets" to my todo list.
 photo kidsrooms2017-033.jpg

Still love those weaves from Willow's nursery! And this lamp I redid. 
  photo kidsrooms2017-029.jpg

The shelves were just a quick rearrangement of knick knacks. I added an image of us finding out we were having a boy. The letter A was from Canaan's old nursery (his middle name is Allen). Everything else was already in this room or I had from other rooms. 
  photo 1kidsroom2017-001.jpg

 I can't WAIT to wrap him up in that tie-dyed swaddle!! photo kidsrooms2017-032.jpg

 I bought this sweet elephant for A at an adoption conference I went to earlier this month. And the plant is from Ikea!
  photo kidsrooms2017-034.jpg

It's very minimal, and I'm hoping the crib sheet will add the fun I'm looking for. I REALLY want this crib sheet to tie in the yellow and green from the weaves and cow print.
  photo kidsrooms2017-024.jpg
I do love this calm, bright space. Now, who wants to come draw my mural???:)


2016 Weaver Family Photos

I randomly realized today that I had NEVER blogged these photos my family had done ALMOST A YEAR AGO!!!!!!! What even?

Before my sister Lindsay moved to Australia, we had family pictures gifted to us by a sweet couple who photographed Lindsay's wedding. It was the PERFECT going away present and I'm so so thankful for their servant hearts. This crew has added 2 babies since (and Abe will be here before these photos reach a year old). I'm going to have to back date these eventually so they will fall in the right month on my blog.

I still can't believe I never got around to sharing them. So very very thankful for this tight knit family of mine. So ready for us to be back on the same continent, in my parents house, playing card games! Hurry up summer!!

June is so so fresh and tiny, Lincoln and Stone were growing in bellies, and Abe wasn't even a thought yet. haha. The kiddos look so so small to me too. Goodness, a year truly flies by. Please grand-babies, STOP GROWING!

 photo Fam123.jpg photo Fam114.jpg photo Fam007.jpg
  photo Fam164.jpg photo Fam127.jpg photo Fam167.jpg

  photo Fam109.jpg photo Fam013.jpg photo Fam161.jpg
  photo Fam097.jpg photo Fam172.jpg photo Fam001.jpg

 photo Fam192.jpg

 photo Fam176.jpg
 photo Fam138.jpg
  photo Fam188.jpg

Thankful for all of these with my sweet crew!

 photo Fam077.jpg
  photo Fam081.jpg
  photo Fam073.jpg
  photo Fam087.jpg
 photo Fam089.jpg
  photo Fam067.jpg
  photo Fam083.jpg
  photo Fam075.jpg

Huge thank you to Adam and Allison!!! Praising Jesus for my sweet family! I hope and pray one day my kids are as close to their siblings and us as we are with my family!


Our Boy and Girl Shared Room

This room has been a work in progress since the beginning of February. I've been determined to get it finished before Abe comes. Although we probably won't move W into this room with C until after Abe is born (because I value sleep and want to put off them waking one another for as long as possible), I wanted to go ahead and redesign it to fit a girl and boy. Before, it was pretty boyish, and hadn't been updated in 4 years. (I didn't take before pictures, but it still pretty much looked like this but the crib was replaced with another twin mattress and pics swapped out).

I really wanted this room to be pretty gender neutral and very light! It always felt super small, so my biggest goal was to make the room seem bigger. I think the wall to wall shelves reallllllyyy opened up this room, and painting it white did WONDERS for brightening the space. Not a shocker I chose white paint (all the other rooms in my house are, minus the kitchen). The paint is Swiss Coffee and it's my absolute favorite shade I think.

So here we go, so in love with the end result and I was able to redo the whole space on a VERY SMALL budget.

The weave is an old one I've had that I never found a home for, but I think I love it here:)
 photo kidsrooms2017-001.jpg

Hellllllooooo White!!:)
  photo kidsrooms2017-021.jpg

The clear shelves are from Clear Solutions Display. I got this one! The snake plant from ikea. The fox pillow I made. The Ikat pillow from target years ago, and the polka dot pillow from target dollar aisle.
 photo kidsrooms2017-018.jpg
Orange pillow is from target, the basket from a friend who lived in Africa for a while:)
 photo kidsrooms2017-007.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-011.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-014.jpg

The shelves are my favorite part of the whole room. It was so fun to fill it with random knick knacks and meaningful treasures. The sweet little brown doll is from this etsy! I bought it years ago when we started the adoption process, I long to see it in the arms of our babe one day. Willow has been rough on it, so it sits on the shelves now so that she doesn't ruin it haha. I HIGHLY recommend her shop!!!
 photo kidsrooms2017-012.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-002.jpg The globes are old yardsale finds.
 photo kidsrooms2017-003.jpg
 I knew I wanted pictures in their room of the two of them. It took me hours to narrow down which three. Goodness I love these toots!
  photo kidsrooms2017-004.jpg
  photo kidsrooms2017-005.jpg
 And if I took apart his track just for pictures sake, he woulda lost his mind. Can't get more real life in this house than train tracks everywhere.  photo kidsrooms2017-008.jpg

This rug gives me all the feels. Its from Rugs USA and I'm OBSESSED! So so so soft and amazing quality. 

 photo kidsrooms2017-022.jpg

The rhino is from target. The deer is from here. The fox I made for C's nursery, and the artwork is by C:) The big ballerina doll is from Candy Kirby Designs. The good morning pillow is another target dollar aisle score. And the watermelon pillow was made by yours truly.
 photo kidsrooms2017-017.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-016.jpg
Once again, target dollar aisle coming in HOT! Love this banner I found there a few months ago! The curtains are from Ikea!
 photo kidsrooms2017-019.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-020.jpg

The little blue table is an old antique find from C's nursery. The square lamp is from target years ago.

I really want to find some cuter bedding, but my kids only sleep with their crochet blankets at night (they seriously refuse anything else). So, I'm going to wait on that for now. I do want to find a bedskirt though to hide all their under the bed toys. Suggestions?

Thanks for looking around:) It's honestly relaxing to me to redecorate a room and do it for as cheap as possible. I love finding deals and keeping the costs low.

Now, how in the world do I get two kids to nap in here at the same time??? haha.