we're growing...

^^sweet nicole, who captured yesterday's video, sent me these stills to edit from our film. I love how they turned out:) Thank you sweet friend.

In case you missed yesterday's blog post with a  film announcement... yep, we're expecting again!!!! well, we've been expecting for quite sometime with our adoption, but we are expecting biologically as well:) I'm currently 13 weeks today and officially in the second trimester. Praise the Lord. The first trimester was really rough for me hence why I haven't been blogging very much.

We found out I was pregnant on February 3rd. I was right at 4 or 5 weeks. We were fearful it was yet another miscarriage due to some similar signs I had with my miscarriage in November. I begged the Lord not to let that happen again, and He graciously answered. We immediately told family so they could pray. For the first several weeks, I had multiple ultrasounds and my blood was taken too many times. The ultrasounds showed nothing, but my levels kept rising. Finally at 8 weeks, we heard a faint heart beat and saw the tiniest, sweetest little body. We decided then to keep it as under wraps as possible, until I was clear of the first trimester, but of course a few close friends figured it out and asked us pretty quickly in March.  We had our most recent appointment on Monday & the heart beat was going strong.

We could not be more excited about this pregnancy. It was quite a bit of shock to us in the beginning, but clearly the Lord knew we needed this child in our family in His perfect timing. We will stay active with our adoption agency until I hit 20 weeks (meaning a birth mom could choose us and view our profile before then... also meaning we could go from 1 to 3 children in one year.. CRAZY!). If we are not chosen by the time I hit 20 weeks, then our account will be frozen and will be reactivated when this child I'm pregnant with hits 6 months. The money donated by all of you gracious, lovely people during our fundraiser has either already been given to our agency and those funds will also be frozen until we are reactivated, or it was put into a separate savings account that we are NOT touching until needed for our adoption. We feel very strongly that the money donated will remain there until time to use for adoption. We just wanted all of those who donated to know that the money will still, in fact, be used for our adoption ONLY.  promise. promise. promise.

With all that being said, we are thankful the Lord is adding to our family as He sees fit. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad that our adoption may have to be put on hold. That child has been growing in our hearts for the past year now and the idea of having to wait even longer until we meet him kills me sometimes. I'm asking the Lord if it's His will to let us be chosen before our account is frozen. I know that means things would be crazy around here with three children under the age of 2, but I accept that craziness because it would be His will. I'd love for you to pray that with us. Should 20 weeks come and we haven't been chosen, you better believe we will be sooooo ready come next April for us to be reactivated!

It seems like October 22nd is light years away. C was born October 3rd, so he will just have turned two when this little nugget arrives. Gosh, we are having another baby. It still seems new. We are praising the Lord for this sweet blessing. We obviously couldn't be more excited!!! If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know that to us children are the greatest blessing.

Thank you for all the sweet comments yesterday. We are so thankful for the love our families and friends and you have shown us!


I do want to mention that if you are a lady reading today who is struggling to become pregnant or waiting on adoption, I am praying for you today. I have met many women through blogging and social media because of my miscarriage and adoption journey who have unfortunately struggled with infertility or are waiting the long wait with adoption. My heart goes out to you today. I'm asking the Lord to open your womb, to hear your cries and prayers, to bring your child home to you, to let you see that positive line, to hear that little heart beat, to receive the call you've been chosen, and most importantly to grant you peace and rest until that time comes. We serve a mighty, gracious God.


Our Family Video Film, News, & an INCREDIBLE giveaway

Several weeks back, my sweet friend, Nicole, texted me asking if I would be up for a family video session. Without a second of hesitation, I quickly responded YESSSS! You see, Nicole and her beau, Tyler, started a cinematography business this year. The Lord laid the desire on their hearts and knowing there would be big risks for these newlyweds, they obeyed His call. In just a few short months, 314 Productions is already booming with success, and it's no doubt a blessing from the Lord for their obedience to His call. They want their business to be first about glorifying the Lord and second about blessing others. And they do just that.

We spent a couple hours together this past Saturday. C was in a particularly fantastic mood & his hair was about the same curly as always:). She captured us being us. Doing what we normally do. Playing, eating, exploring, sliding, and reading always. I will treasure this film always.

Oh, and you're going to want to watch it all the way through because there may or may not be something exciting at the end:)

Kubler | family from 314 Productions on Vimeo.

Exciting news right?!?!?! Check back here tomorrow for more details & what this means for our family:) Now some EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!!! Nicole is G R A C I O U S L Y giving away a family session to one deserving family. That's right, she. is. giving. away. a. family. video. session!!!! I told you Nicole & Tyler just want to bless others. To win, you must live within a 30 mile radius of Memphis, TN and the session must be held on a weekday. That's it! Any size family can enter. Simply comment on this blog post explaining why your family or a family you know deserves this amazing gift (link back to social media or a blog so we can meet you)! You can enter by commenting here on my blog, on Nicole's blog, or on either of our Instagrams. One entry per family please. Winner will be chosen Friday.

I can't believe they are giving away such an incredible gift! Nicole & Tyler, we love you dearly. You blessed us in a way I'll never be able to repay. Thank you for shining Jesus & blessing us immensely. We love you!


April Goals a little late

So I really thought I published this post days ago, but I obviously didn't (opps) so here it is almost the middle of the month & I'm posting my goals for this month. Oh well.

 A look back at March Goals:

- Continue to have my quiet time and pray for husband consistently : CHECK
- Keep working out : not as consistent as I wanted to be but I did!
- Second shoot a wedding : CHECK. This was a great learning experience for me. It's been a while since I helped shoot a wedding, and since I'll be shooting my brother's wedding, I really needed the refresher
- Read one book : CHECK I reread the last book in the Hunger Game series to refresh my memory
- Family date and Romantic date : CHECK see last two posts
- Start on C's new room : Nope. I'm so undecided here on what I want to do, shocker!
- one social media free weekend : somewhat of a check, I went a week without posting, but I did check it some.
 - Start biking : CHECK kinda. I got my brother's bike but had to do some repairs. So, I technically just started biking
 -photoshoot with C : CHECK!(see last post)

 March was overall a success. I know I say this every month, but I'm really enjoying setting some goals. I obviously don't post everything I want to get accomplished that month, but setting some smaller ones (and sometimes bigger ones) really helps me be accountable to doing them.

- consistently have my quiet time & pray for husband
- family date & romantic date
- Bike more often/Use my sister's elliptical every MWF.
- prepare and practice to shoot my brother's wedding in May. I don't do weddings and I never will, but obviously since the groom is my brother, I'm totally up for shooting their wedding and excited. This will be a major challenge creatively for me in sooooo many ways. I'm excited and super nervous. And I desperately need to prepare.
- Make all the garlands for my brother's wedding. My future sister to be asked me to make these garlansds and I LOVE doing DIY crafts like this. I want to finish them all this month so come May, I won't be rushing to finish.
- Complete a super exciting project. More details to come on this one:)
- Have more friends over for dinner. We host community group every Sunday night and a class every Monday night, so our home is filled those two nights with friends from our church, but I really want to get back into the routine of having people over for dinner during the week and opening up our home.
- Deep clean bathrooms, our closet, and my office.
-Throw two showers!
-Blog a little more consistently


And just like that he's 18 months

Somehow, somehow C is already 18 months, and it's been far too long since I took his pictures. The other day we went on a family date, and I knew this would be my best shot to snap a few. I say this at every new stage, but this whole toddlerhood is totally my favorite stage. The words he are learning, the body language, the giggles, the level of activity, I love it all. I love having a boy who is so adventurous, tender hearted, giggly, and life of the crowd. Right now, husband and I are his best friends, and I know one day not far off, that won't be the case any more. So, I'm cherishing this time. Hard core.

 I've been keeping all this as a note on my iphone, but it's time to document his monthly developments here. I haven't done a monthly update since 12 months (will you look how LITTLE he was, ugh time passing). Anyways, here goes...

13 months:
-walks every where
-walks a book over to you and sits in your lap
-points at everything
-finally decided he liked clapping
-reads all the time
-says uh oh, dada, moo, and tries to imitate sound
-loves turning book pages
-still naps twice a day
-completely walking
-reads to himself outloud
-climbs everything
-chases finn
-loves saying momma and dog
-a mouth full of teeth
-now takes one long nap from 1pm-5pm
-loves to wave
-says no to everything
-started throwing minor fits
-loves to dance
-is a total daddy's boy

15 months:
-likes to "roll it" with hands
-carries pillows or drags anything around the house
-loves to sweep or wipe down counters
-makes the noise with hand over mouth ("indian" noise, sorry to be politically incorrect)
-mastered giving kisses
-still climbing
-chases finn's tail constantly, poor finn
-loves finding his belly button

-pretends to count
-says one, two, banana, shoe, yeah yeah
-loves to grab our hands for walks
-really into dinosaurs
-has become a picky eater

17 months:
 -makes pretty much all animal noises
-loves to find belly button, hair, eyes, nose
-points constantly
-plays basketball with dad
-makes a new sad, pout face
-makes a new surprised face
-wants to live outside
-hoards remotes

-loves trucks and cars
-dance and sings anytime there is music
-"reads" to himself out loud in his room
-loves waving bye bye and hello
-started really throwing tantrums
-still a picky eater but getting better
-puts on a show for people
-still loves dinosaurs, books, and trucks
-can find his nose, hair, ear, belly button, and eyes
-can say momma, daddy, dog, car, truck, my, mine, me (he's so selfish:), ball, two, shoe, nose, uh oh, no, yeah, woah
-knows the sounds for a lion, dog, cat, dinosaur, cow, duck, tiger
-sings to himself a lot

I love you my sweet C, more than I could ever try to explain here. I could not be more thankful and grateful to be your mother.  please stop growing so fast:)