Goodbye Finn

We said goodbye to our sweet Finn yesterday. We are sharing him with a family who was in need of a pup. Their son has autism and has been wanting a dog. We haven't been able to give Finn the attention he deserves for quite some time. These two littles keep me on my toes, so most days Finn stays outside or in his crate. It just wasn't fair to him. We've been debating for months about finding him another family. We only wanted to give him to another family who had kiddos and a bigger yard. We are so thankful we found him the perfect family.

Josh drove him to AR yesterday to pass him along to his new family. He will have an acre backyard and two bigger kids to play with all day long. I thought I would be really sad to see him go, but I wasn't because I'm just so excited for him. He will get so much more attention with them and be so good for their son. He was such a good pup for us. We got him before we had babies and smoothered him with love. As we've added each kid Finn has been nothing but loving and sweet with them. He let Willow just claw at him all day without a budge. He let C chase him for what seemed hours around our couches. He was so loyal to us and just about the best dog we could have hoped for. I'm excited for him to be that to another family.

Before Josh left with him, I snapped a few (read ALOT) of pics of him with the babies. Neither has yet to realize that he isn't here anymore. We love you Finn! We are so thankful for the past 4 years we've had you! I love that I can look back through this blog and see so many pictures of him with my kids. And now I have to quit typing because the sadness is hitting. Ugh, so many memories flooding back. Thank you Lord for letting us love on him for those 4 years. He was such a blessing to us and I sincerely pray he is a blessing to this new family and their son. Sweet pup, We will miss you!!!! photo goodbyefinn-004.jpg photo goodbyefinn-008.jpg photo goodbyefinn-009.jpg photo goodbyefinn-030.jpg photo goodbyefinn-016.jpg photo goodbyefinn-011.jpg photo goodbyefinn-003.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-026.jpg photo goodbyefinn-031.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-019.jpg photo goodbyefinn-014.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-023.jpg photo goodbyefinn-005.jpg photo goodbyefinn-010.jpg photo goodbyefinn-029.jpg photo goodbyefinn-018.jpg photo goodbyefinn-024.jpg photo goodbyefinn-001.jpg photo goodbyefinn-006.jpg photo goodbyefinn-027.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-022.jpg

 photo goodbyefinn-021.jpg photo goodbyefinn-028.jpg photo goodbyefinn-002.jpg photo goodbyefinn-032.jpg


Willow is 8 months!

 photo Wmonth8-002.jpg photo Wmonth8-004.jpg photo Wmonth8-005.jpg
 photo Wmonth8-007.jpg photo Wmonth8-003.jpg photo Wmonth8-001.jpg photo Wmonth8-010_1.jpg
  photo Wmonth8-009.jpg

Well sweet girl, here we are again. Another month older and cuter than ever. This past month you've some how managed to become even sweeter than before. Your personality is starting to come out more and more and i LOVE it. You are soooooo laid back, relaxed, go with the flow, SMILEY little girl. I think you smile about 98% of the time you are awake. You aren't very independent. You constantly want me or brother around.

You are still in size 2 diapers, but will need to go up to 3's soon. I'd guess you are at 18 pounds. You take 2 naps a day and sleep through the night! You're still nursing like a champ, too.

New this month:

-you are soooo close to crawling. You roll around everywhere, but I know crawling is about to happen.
-you love love love to eat. That's not really knew but  you live for it.
-you do the cutest little dance with shaking your head. Brother did it too, but you  put more pizzaz in it. haha. You love when I make you dance.
-you laugh sooo hard at canaan now and interact with him so much more than last month.
-You want to take a bath every.single.day. You think C in the bath with you is the funniest thing on the planet.
-you talk a good bit and say da-da.
-you love to put your palm or the back of you hand to your mouth and make noises over and over.
-you can pick up puffs like a champ
-you prefer big kid foods to baby food, but we are still taking that slow.

oh W. I love you so much. I love seeing how different you are from your brother. You just have the sweetest, most chilled demeanor. I praise the Lord DAILY for letting me have you and be your momma. You bring endless amounts of joy to us! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!

and here's brother at 8 months!


A rambling we shall go

Live from my hole in the wall office, it's thursday night! My lips are currently on fire from shoveling Chili-Lime cashews into mouth like I didn't just eat a massive dinner. Seriously though, go buy those bad boys from Aldi's right now and thank me later. They give my tummy all the heart eyes. Also, slow clap for Aldi's. That place has singlehandedly changed my grocery budget and diet. Because of that playce this girl is now eating clean (about 90% of my week).

It's beennn a lonnnnnnnng, loonggg time coming since I've randomly blogged an absurd amount of words. Read: ramble with no purpose but to ramble. My blogging nowadays consists of waiting until the end of the month to dump all my iphone photos onto my computer then back dating my blog posts so they will show up in the right time for my archives. I think back to when I just had C and I had all the time in the world to blog consistently. And I thought I was so busy then, how cute. My free time (the 3 hours the kiddos nap) goes by so quickly. I usually spend that time cleaning, editing photos, doing my quiet time, redoing a piece of furniture (don't even get me started on this topic. I. hate. redoing. furniture.) or weaving. Weeks will got by and I'll randomly remember this blog. I swore I would never get to this point. That I would always be diligent with blogging and documenting our days. hahahahaha. I really hope to get back to that, but this just isn't that season I suppose. It honestly comes down to having too much on my plate that doesn't need to be on my plate. I'm a creative person by nature. I love creating things, doing projects, crafting etc. If I like something I see made, I'll just figure out how to do it and make it before buying it (unless it involves sewing, because no). Mainly because our budget doesn't allow me to buy the endless things I love (and I'm glad it doesn't) but mostly because I just like making stuff. So, all of that making stuff has taken over my time blogging stuff. What I need to do is make up a calendar or schedule. So like on Monday spend an hour of my kiddos nap time editing, then Tuesdays make, Wednesday edit, thursday make, etc, etc, etc . My gosh, why on earth am I writing this. Sorry to whoever is reading this (side look at you husband). I know you totally care to be reading about my creative schedule or there lack of. I don't even know where I'm going with this.

moving on.

Adoption. Shirts came in TODAY for our second round of orders. We hope to get them in the mail on monday. I'm still in shock we raised 4k selling our grizzly shirts. Feels soooo good to be able to give that over to our agency and be only 3k away from our full amount. Jesus is powerful. I've been singing "there is power, power wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb. There is power, power, wonder working power in the precious blood of the lamb" over and over the last few days. I'm so easy to forget some times the power of the God. He loves to move big. To do big. To show us His power. I've been singing that old hymn over a friend's adoption journey asking the Lord to reveal His power to them. To move "mountains" of paper work quickly so they can get their daughter home. Selling as many shirts as we did was such a testament to His power in all things- big or small. We serve such a mighty God who intimately cares for us and wants to bless us with good things. It's mind-blowing, His love.
So, June is here. our original goal was to have all paper work and our profile book done by the end of the month so we could have our homestudy update and be active on the waiting list, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. A sweet friend asked me about our adoption today and I was so hesitant to answer. I'm beyond ready to have this little one home and in my arms. Yet, I have a strong peace from the Lord to take things slow and rest in His timing. IT KILLS me to think that my son (or daughter, but at this point we feel another boy is in our future. We could easily be wrong. And I'd love love love another girl, but for the sake of my typing sanity and not having to say he/she/him/her a million times, I'm just going to use the male pronoun for now) could be in interim care right now and I'm missing out on him. But I have to trust in the Lord's sovereignty. Maybe it's somehow best for him to be with that family. Maybe the Lord is using Him in their lives for His good. Bethany (our agency) only allows the best of the best to be interim parents. The process to become one is quite extensive. So, I know he is with a good, Godly, loving family. But it's still so hard. That could easily not be our situation and he is still in the womb. And if that's the case, it kills me that I don't know his birth momma yet and that she's still unsure of who to choose. Or maybe she's not even with Bethany yet and feeling quite alone. ugh. So much hardness. So hard to explain it all and it make sense. My sweet friend who texted me today asking about our process is also in the process of adoption via foster care. I was so thankful that she totally knew and understood what I was trying to say. All of this sounds so confusing, I'm sure. And I don't expect anyone to understand it unless they've gone through the adoption process as well. It's all the preggo hormones and feelings without the certainty of feeling the baby or knowing when he will arrive. I'm just so thankful I have such a peace from the Lord that right now, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Taking it one day at a time and trusting in him. Praying if it's the Lord's will, that this baby will be home to us by the end of the year or atleast a birth mom pick us by then.

moving on.

I recently finished a study of the Fruits of the Spirit and I learned this.... I hold none of them.


I literally posses none of those things by nature. My nature is to be sinful, selfish, prideful. I think we often strive to have those fruits on our own, but they are always twisted back to self. The fruits of the Spirit are just that- Fruits of the SPIRIT. They are and come from the Holy Spirit living inside us. We bear that fruit when we are grafted to the True Vine- Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the producer of the fruit, we the branches simply display His goodness and fruit. All love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, kindness and self-control in my life are an overflowing out pour of the Holy spirit abiding in me. I've been memorizing Galatians 5:22-23. Some of those fruits come easier to me than others, but I truly long for Christ to be the shining light in all I do or say or how I come across. I know this is like Vacation Bible School material, but I read that verse in a whole new light the past few weeks. I love when I read a verse I've known or read a million times before, but the Lord uses it differently than before. His word is so sweet, refreshing, and true.

Less of me. More of Him.

End of this ramble. Phew, that felt good to just sit and type. Bed time, future self reading this because I'm pretty sure that's the only person reading this sad state of a blog, oh and husband, sometimes. bed time.


May Recap

Well May came and went quicker than I could blink. How is it over already?
We started the month off saying THANKKK YOUUU to everyone who bought a Grizz shirt! photo IMG_3522.jpgand as always, whenever willow is look extra cute (which is everyday) I have to snap pics of her. This little outfit was killing me.  photo IMG_3531.jpg photo IMG_3559.jpg photo IMG_3536.jpg

 Happy girl! photo IMG_3582_1.jpg

 C is working on being gentle. Key word: working.  photo IMG_3640.jpg

 We love Mudgy's new porch and spend as much time out there as we can!  photo IMG_3652.jpg
 photo IMG_3651.jpg photo IMG_3654.jpg

Hers and Little Hers photo IMG_3687.jpg
 Snuggle bunnies in bed while I work out in the mornging photo IMG_3708.jpg
 photo IMG_3707_1.jpg

 I can't get over this girl. JUST THE CUTEST photo IMG_3720.jpg
 photo IMG_3712.jpg
My mom and auds and I went to a huge vintage pop up market a couple weeks back. We each bought what's in the photo with us. I love my vintage photo display.  photo IMG_3730.jpgAfter I told him to love her less... photo IMG_3849.jpg

 playing with brother's toys while he naps. score! photo IMG_3912.jpg
 I can't handle her cuteness. It's unreal. She's learning to sit and doing soooo well! photo IMG_4004.jpg

 This is where you can find C most days. Sitting here, reading away. This kid spends a solid hour or longer each day reading. I love it! photo IMG_4027.jpg

 While brother napped one day, I ate homemade Kale chips and completed some adoption paper work while W laid there looking all cute.  photo IMG_4060.jpg
 How I found her one morning.... what even? photo IMG_4101.jpg

Summer nights with friends, coffee punch, and good for the soul conversations.  photo IMG_4281.jpg

saving this for their wedding slide show.  photo IMG_4282.jpg
She never falls asleep on me anymore, so the other night when this happened, I just soaked it in.  photo IMG_4291.jpg

 I mentioned to my brother, Ricky, a few weeks back that I wanted a growth ruler. Three days later he showed up with this! I LOVE IT! photo IMG_4176.jpg
 Taught C how to vacuum the other day. He was equally excited and terrified.
 photo IMG_4304.jpg
 She will sit in this spot with brother all day if I let her. It's the most content place there is for her.  photo IMG_4314.jpg

 photo IMG_4315.jpg

Learning our memory verses
 photo IMG_4316.jpg

After dinner park and sno cone date with my crew! photo IMG_4327.jpg