Bed. Head.

some of my favorite moments with my babies is right after their naps. They are usually pretty happy, very cuddly, and their hair is always enjoyable. The other day they were just being wayyyy tooo cute for me to handle so I grabbed my camera quickly and snapped these. Now I just need to frame like almost every single one.
 photo canaanthephotographer-012.jpg  photo canaanthephotographer-015.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-009.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-001.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-016.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-011.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-008.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-002.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-004.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-007.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-005.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-010.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-006.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-013.jpg

 this last one is pretty blurry and off focus, but I just love it so much of my girl. Thank you Lord for these sweet two and their crazy, unruly hair.

 photo canaanthephotographer-014.jpg


C the Photographer

a few weeks ago I taught C how to use my camera. Bless him, it was almost too heavy for him to even hold up. He practiced shooting on me and his daddy. I had just finished working out and looked a mess, but I love that he captured me like this. Because, most days, this is how I look to my kiddos. Hair in a bun, workout clothes, and just snuggling the mess out of them.

 photo canaanthephotographer-018.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-019.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-020.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-021.jpg

These he took of me and W will forever be some of my faves. She had major bed head and was in one of my favorite "just woke up snuggly" moods.
  photo canaanthephotographer-022.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-023.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-024.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-026.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-025.jpg

 Seriously, so impressed with how he did. I, of course, adjusted the camera settings for him in manual, but taught him how to focus and move the camera. Who knows, maybe we will have a photographer on our hands.
  photo canaanthephotographer-027.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-028.jpg

 Couldn't leave daddy and his silly faces out. haha.


To Granddaddy's house we go

It's been a while since I busted out my camera to just document our day to day life. I'm trying hard to make this a more regular thing and who knows, maybe even get more consist in blogging..... we'll see.

Last week, we headed down to Granddaddy's house so I could take some pictures of Josh's half and step sisters. The kiddos joined us as we explored his land and animals. My heart turned to mush watching C be a "country boy". Although he's not much for messes, this kid loves being outside and around animals.
  photo GrandaddysHouse-001.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-002.jpg

 He calls this target dollar aisle water gun his "fire". (you know, bc you fire a gun). One measly buck has brought endless joy to this kid.  photo GrandaddysHouse-007.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-008.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-009.jpg
 We headed to the cow pasture at one point and the kiddos joined along. They didn't join us inside with the cows but loved watching from the gate.
 photo GrandaddysHouse-016.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-017.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-018.jpg  photo GrandaddysHouse-019.jpg  photo GrandaddysHouse-033.jpgC did come inside at one point before the cows came over. In these he saw them coming far off and booked it back to the gate.
 photo GrandaddysHouse-034.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-035.jpg

 Sweet sisters;) photo GrandaddysHouse-037.jpg

 If anyone loved it all more than C, it was W. This girl loves messes, loves dirt, loves animals, and wants to hang with the big kids. I love her well rounded, little personality. So girly one minute and so tomboy the next, just like her mama.  photo GrandaddysHouse-039.jpg

 watching the cows with the intensity of thousands suns. hahaha. This little series of photos of her is a new favorite! photo GrandaddysHouse-040.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-041.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-042.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-043.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-044.jpg

 This was also our last week of her being in her boot. Not sure if I shared it on this blog or not but little sister had a bad fracture from a slide incident. She was in a cast for 3 weeks and a boot for 2.  photo GrandaddysHouse-045.jpg

my sweet boy.  photo GrandaddysHouse-046dbw.jpg

 So.many.cows.  photo GrandaddysHouse-052.jpg

  photo GrandaddysHouse-053.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-056.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-058.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-059.jpg

  photo GrandaddysHouse-061.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-062.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-063.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-064.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-065.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-066dbw.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-068.jpg

I think W liked the chickens the most! photo GrandaddysHouse-069.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-070.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-071.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-072.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-073.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-074.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-075.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-076.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-077.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-078.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-079.jpg
 photo GrandaddysHouse-080.jpg

 Right before dinner, we decided to do some last minute fishing in granddaddy's pond. This was C's second time to fish and goodness does he love it. Caught two fish the first two tries. We may have an expert fisherman on our hands.
  photo GrandaddysHouse-089.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-090.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-091.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-092.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-094.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-096.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-097.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-098.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-099.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-100.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-101.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-102.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-103.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-104.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-105.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-106.jpg photo GrandaddysHouse-107.jpg

Moral of this post... i think we need us some land and lots and lots of animals.