29 Week Bumpdate with #3

Pregnancy Highlights How far along: 29 weeks! Total Weight Gain: 16-18pounds Maternity Clothes:OH yes. Best moment this week: getting progress done on the kids shared room and Abe's nursery! Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert Movement: constantly and often painful! Food Cravings: all the foods. Hungry all the time. Fruit and oranges!!! Food aversions: fried food. What I Miss: not having heartburn. It's constant now:( Sleep: getting great sleep! Sleeping like a rock most nights.  What I'm looking forward to: my appointment next week and officially being 30 weeks!!!!  Belly Button:in in in


Maternity Session with Abraham

A couple weeks back we got a random snow! It hardly ever snows here. We got a good several inches every 2 years or so. This time, we got a full three inches, and it was glorious. I was on the couch cozied up in sweats and a messy bun when a sweet friend texted me. She asked to come to my house and shoot some maternity pics out in the snow. I rushed to get ready, and then we explored my neighborhood. It was incredibly cold, but we had such a fun time laughing at my awkwardness and getting covered in mud. SO thankful for these images and my sweet, servant hearted friend! I'll forever treasure these. Also, realllll thankful I don't look half as awkward as I felt. HA! Stephanie, you did an AMAZING job!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 24.5 weeks (but pics were at 22.5 weeks)
Total Weight Gain: 11-12 pounds
Maternity Clothes:OH yes.
Best Moment this Week: getting back into a routine after being gone last week on our church staff retreat.
Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert
Movement:all the time. It's so reassuring.
Food Cravings: all the foods. Hungry all the time.
Food aversions: fried food.
What I Miss: Nothing! Feeling so so great!
Sleep: getting great sleep! Sleeping like a rock!  
What I am looking forward to: redoing the kiddos rooms and all the nesting!
Belly Button:in in in

And for a walk down memory lane, here's

maternity session with willow
maternity session with canaan


Redeemer Staff Retreat 2016

We've dreamed for years about taking a retreat with the staff families at our church. Just a few days away to plan, pray, and fellowship. These families are truly our family. Each staff wife I sincerely consider a sister. We honestly praise the Lord all the time for the unity He's given us and the strong bond and friendship we share. We went up to Branson, Mo for a few days and simply relaxed. Pretty much everyday we spent relaxing at the house and during nap times, the men were able to plan and pray through the coming year and events. At night after the kids were in bed, we were all able to discuss how the Lord is working in our Church and ways we can better serve our people and reach the community. None of us realized how crucial this trip was until driving home. The past 6 years serving with these families has been one of the sweetest joys of my life. Ministry life is HARD. Being a pastor's wife is HARD. But these people get it. They are solid rocks in our life pointing us to Christ and graciously loving us.  We feel so so so spoiled to get to do life with them. For the rest of my life, I will look back on these years with them as some of the sweetest and most memorable time of the Lord showing me what it means to have community and serve the local church.

We found some land about a mile from the house, so we walked there one afternoon to enjoy the river and let the kids blow off some energy. 

 photo IMG_0848.jpg photo IMG_0872.jpg photo IMG_0827.jpg
 photo IMG_0832.jpg photo IMG_0903.jpg photo IMG_0831.jpg

 On our last full day, we finally decided to get out of the house during the afternoon and take the kids on a golf cart ride through the mountains. It was so much fun. No one else was there, so we had the trails all to ourselves.  photo IMG_0911.jpg
  photo IMG_0993.jpg
  photo 37183B1A-B12D-4285-8E14-A4F601829D5A.jpg photo IMG_0994.jpg
 photo 9EC2593F-05B9-4347-9255-FAC83A382572.jpg
  photo IMG_1017.jpg
 photo 251193D3-7DD6-4D37-AC60-8EDEF69F0367.jpg

Thank you Lord for this body of believers. For all the families you have sent us and for pouring out so much grace over us as we pastor these people. We praise you for these three families and getting to serve alongside them. I'm forever and ever thankful for them and this church.


Snow Day 2016

We rarely get snow around here, but this year we got a good 3-4 inches. The kids were so so excited. unfortunately, they were a little under the weather so they could only stay out for about 15 minutes. I wish they could have played longer. But, they had so much fun anyways.

Willow LOVES some Elsa (from the movie Frozen). I just had to snap a fast picture of her in her Elsa dress out in the snow. She kept staring at her picture when I showed her and said "Elsa, Elsa, Elsa". Goodness. I love that sweet girl!

So thankful for a day in the snow and cuddles on the couch!

 photo IMG_0823.jpg

  photo 7E030F0A-60D8-4C9C-95E3-9E8A0D58DC82.jpg

Good grief, they are just too much!
  photo 76DF2BB7-26EB-4546-A354-23F7BD887158.jpg
 Little snow bunny, Lo.  photo IMG_0693.jpg
  photo IMG_0765.jpg
  photo IMG_0752.jpg

  photo IMG_0729.jpg

  photo IMG_0738.jpg photo IMG_0724.jpg

 I love our home in the snow.  photo IMG_0750.jpg
 C thought throwing snow balls was just hilarious!
 photo IMG_0754.jpg photo IMG_0763.jpg photo IMG_0715.jpg

 photo IMG_0745.jpg
  photo IMG_0784.jpg
  photo IMG_0731.jpg

 photo IMG_0795.jpg

  photo IMG_0664.jpg