Willow is 2 months!


four days ago, you turned 2 months. I feel like this time around, I'm enjoying this newborn stage ohhhh sooo much more and time isn't flying as fast for some reason. I'm truly soaking up all the little cooh's, movements, snuggles, baby breath (yes, newborn breath is like heaven), and even the early morning feedings. I love it all. I wish you could stay this little forever but now that I know what's coming, I'm even more excited for that as well. It's a funny thing watching your babies grow. You want them to never grow up, yet you love each new stage and look forward to the next. Speaking of growing, you are like a weed, girl. You're 11.3 pounds (a whole pound bigger than brother was at this age) and 22.5 inches long. You are still in size 1 diapers and 0-3 months clothes, although a few select 3 months clothing are fitting. You sleep from 11pm to 5:30-6:30am. WHOOP! I know you could sleep until 7am if we got this horrible diaper rash healed. You are starting to make eye contact and follow things with your eyes. You give out smiles freely and I love your little grin. Your napping during the day like a pro most days and for that I'm super thankful because I can focus on brother. He LOVES YOU! Anytime you cry he wants to immediately check on you and asks "lo-lo okay?". He gives you your paci and will help me with you whenever I ask him to do something. He gets beside himself when you happen to look at him and just giggles away. I love watching his bond with you grow. I know you will be such sweet friends. So far you are pretty chill, but when your upset... your upset:) You loathe diaper changes and clothing changes, which I hope changes because dressing you up is just too fun.

Sweet pumpkin, we love you so. More than I could ever write or express. You're just the sweetest thing on earth.



Family Date 12/12

Our city puts on a big Christmas light show every year. You drive through while listening to their radio station. Over the years, they've added new lights and even a village at the end where you can ride a camel, enter a petting zoo, meet santa, get hot cocoa, or play in fake snow. We took C last year, and he was kinda into it. BUT THIS YEAR, he was waaaay into it. I let him sit in my lap in the front seat (don't worry it's in a park and you go 5 mph an hour on a one way street), and he loved every minute. Sweet Willow slept the entire time. We played in the snow and walked around the village. Love these little traditions with my family. 
 He's such a ham.
Pictures really don't do it justice. This isn't even a fourth of the lights. It's so magical, especially for the littles.  If you live in Memphis, you must do Starry Nights at Shelby Farms. My big advice, go on a weekday night. NO LINES!

So thankful for the last 12 months of family dates. Crazy to look back through them and see how C has grown. We've had so much fun. I sure do love these people of mine. 

old&new traditions

If you've been a follower of my blog for while or just a good friend, then you might know that every year my family holds a Gingerbread House Competition. This is our 6th year, and it might have incidentally become my favorite.

For the first time since we started this, the girls team's house wouldn't stand. We had bought a newer, fancier kind and should have known better. Always go with the tried and true, good ole standard house. The guys graciously decided to let us join their team to make one big Gingerbread city. This year the theme was Christmas songs. The girls chose "Marshmallow World" and the guys "Christmas in Memphis". So our final piece became a Winter, Snowy, Blue Memphis City complete with the Memphis skyline, Memphis Pyramid, Memphis bridge, MS river, snowmen,  and Covenant Bank (because we are entering their competition). It turned out pretty awesome in my opinion and we were all winners;) But don't worry, next year the girls will take them down!

Gingerbread houses from years past: 

We also started a new tradition this year. Matching cousin pajamas, ornament making with lolli, and a movie night. It was absurd how cute the five of them were. I can't wait to see how it grows with each passing year, and eventually there be like 20+ cousins all in matching pjs under that tree. CAN'T WAIT! Bring on the babies!!
 that picture ^^ there. There has never been a truer image of my son. It perfectly capture his oh, so silly personality.
And how him and his BFF are always on the same page. Judah's silly face cracks me up. Those two boys are going to cause us some major trouble in the years to come;)


Family Photos 2014

Now that I'm done with sessions for the year, I can finally focus on my own family photos. We headed down to my father in laws nursery, because as you will see, it's absolutely stunning at Christmas. A sweet photographer friend came along and took these for us and I edited them. My goal was to get just one good one for our Christmas card, and thankfully, we got several. Thank you Kristy!! We love them!!!

 photo kubler-007.jpg
 photo kubler-010will.jpg
 photo kubler-009.jpg
 photo kubler-016.jpg
 photo kubler-014.jpg
 photo kubler-002will.jpg
 photo kubler-012will.jpg
 photo kubler-015.jpg
 photo kubler-013.jpg
 photo kubler-019.jpg
 photo kubler-003will.jpg
 photo kubler-011bw.jpg
 photo kubler-017will.jpg