Date Night 8/12

We squeezed in on our August date night at the very tale end of the month. Since husband had not tried the new mexican place in mid town, we decided dinner there was must. The whole point of our once monthly special date nights is to do something we don't normally do on all other date nights. We tried two new places that night, and ended it with a redbox at home. Not that different, sure, but money was tight this month so we kept it simple. And to save a little bit more money, we decided not to hire a babysitter, and we took C along with us. The trick to taking your child on date night is to order them ridiculously yummy (and probably way greasy) food to keep them quiet and hush so you can pretend they aren't there:) Worked like a gem.
 We talked on the way home how fun it was that C came along this time. I know he's still very little and won't understand, but I love the idea of him coming along every now and then to witness first hand "dating". I want our kids to know that mommy and daddy's marriage is a priority over them. Spouses come first (after Jesus and before children) in our opinion. One great way to show that is to make date nights and spending time together a must. I also really want C to witness (every now and then) our dates so he can learn to open car doors and how daddy treats me and how we love each others company, etc etc etc. I can't wait for the day that C and I go on our first date, just the two of us. Maybe when he is around 5 or 6. Dad will give him some pointers before hand and fill his wallet with cash. He'll open my door and wear a little tie:) We'll order dinner at a "fancy" restaurant. He'll hand the waiter his money, and then we'll head to a movie. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it. I know that him seeing us date and knowing what that is will only bring about safety and love for his little world. Safety that momma and daddy's marriage is strong, and he is loved. I'm rambling now, but I hope you catch my drift with all this. Date your spouse. Period. And when you can't hire a baby sitter, still take that date, bring your littles along, and teach them the importance of it.

even though our bellies were full, we stopped at the candy store right next door and filled a bag with sour candies. Munching on them all the way home while singing songs and giggling. We only have two months before Willow comes. I'm thankful for this extra time with him, but for September and October's date night, hopefully it was just be the two of us.

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Family Date 8/12

The August heat around here was no joke. It hit full force and restricted us from venturing out. August felt like it lasted 3 months long. Goodness, I'm glad it's over. Since the heat was raging, we didn't feel like taking a family date to any of the spots we planned on. So, we decided for a family date at home in the water, with sno cones and paint, and air conditioning. That morning we sat down for a family painting session. C ate more paint than he put on his paper. And poor Husband is still offended no one wants to buy his TREX painting. We then played outside with the hose and pool for a good hour or so. C and his "dowg" played their little hearts out. When we couldn't take the heat index of 105 any longer, we headed to a local favorite drive up diner, so to speak. Fries and Sno Cones were devoured in the freezing cold blast of the car AC, amen. We came home for naps and dinner. We ended the night reading every book we had that contained a Choo Choo in some sort or fashion. Our August family date was a family day spent at home and it was so so perfect. My lack of interesting story to go along with this post, in no way accurately show cases the amount of fun we had. Thankful for days like this!


32 Week Bumpdate: Round 2

How far along: 32 weeks. But both photos are from 31 weeks.

Total Weight Gain: I think 20-22 pounds
Maternity Clothes: absolutely. Although mainly dresses. Just soooo hot here!

Best Moment this Week: last week I had a great appointment. This week I've been knocking out things on my to do list and project list like a champ!
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth
Movement: so much and I love it!
Food Cravings: italian and carbs. Trying my hardest to cut back on carbs but they are just soooo yummy.
Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food. 
What I Miss: not having heart burn every night. It's so bad all day long!
Sleep:really great! Usually only one trip to the bathroom and getting in naps whenever I can. If I remember correctly, sleeping was hard with C. I think because I'm working out more with this pregnancy, I'm more exhausted and ready for rest.
What I am looking forward to:her arrival obviously, but also finishing up her nursery. I've gotten so much done and still have so much more to do. Decorating it all for $100 or less means lots of DIY projects!

Belly Button:flat


Taking Stock 004

Making : so many projects for Willow's room
Cooking : veggie pasta for dinner. Because Italian is all this momma is craving these days.
Drinking : water, water, water like a good pregnant momma.
Reading: 1 Samuel and Gone Girl
Wanting: all the headwraps in the world for W.
Looking: forward to D-Day.
Playing: non stop choo-choo's for days on end.
Wasting: brain cells searching pinterest for yummy meals
Trusting: my shirts to hang on until the end.
Sewing: weaves. well weaving weaves, if you will.
Wishing: for FALL, DANG IT.
Enjoying: nap time lately. Gives me sooo much time to get things done.
Waiting: for him to get up, because as soon as he goes down for that nap, I miss him.
Liking: frozen peaches. yum.
Wondering: where all my hair bands have gone, is it just me?
Loving: Master Chef. My favorite tv show currently.
Hoping: for an easy, safe delivery
Marveling: at how wonderful my husband is. this year has been the best yet.
Needing: a pedicure. trying to paint them is useless
Anticipating: the day our adoption is active again.
Contemplating: selling my right arm for this
Smelling: peanut butter left over from his dino shaped sandwich
Wearing: dresses. always.
Following: bread crumbs in hopes of catching a mouse. I'm telling you, we have one. It's somewhere in this house. and I will kill it.
Noticing: the husband's discipline. Running 3 days a week now. So proud:)
Knowing: i have the best gal pals around
Thinking: about all that has to be done around this house before she arrives
Praying: for babies for friends. like seriously. Lord, give them babies!
Bookmarking: inspirational color pallets for weaves
Opening: our home to the married men in our CG every wednesday so that they can discuss biblical manhood and leading in the home. It's pretty much made me a puddle of mush. So thankful for my husbands and these men who aspire to be Godly husbands and fathers.
Giggling: about all the new words he says
Feeling: almost ripe. Come on baby